Source: Wine Folly

Gaëtan works with Spanish wine producers since 1994.


For the last 20 years the quality of Spanish wines improved a lot. In the past they had the image of traditional style of wines but since they are totally different:

Modern, powerful, rich, elegant, trendy, etc…..


Vineyards and Partners has several partners in Spain and we can supply wines from quite a lot or regions. We can as well adapt wines depending of the demand of our customers. For example, together with a producer from D.O. Jumilla, we have developed a low histamine and tannin red wine for a specific demand in Scandinavia.  

We can supply wines from Vinos Varietales, Vino de la Tierra, DO Penedes, DO Penedes Classical, DO Utel Requiena, DO Valencia, DO Alicante, DO Jumilla, DO la Mancha, DO Ribera del Duero, DOP Valtiendas, DO Rueda, DO Rioja, etc….


Since Nicolas joined V&P he is as well involved in the selection and blending of Spanish wines.

Some references specially selected by Vineyards & Partners...